Comprehension Incomprehenable: What Part of Reality & Facts Don't Folks Get?

  It’s unbelievable! Comprehension incomprehenable.   How many times do the facts have to be given and how many times do they have to be explained before folks get it?  What part of reality and facts fly over their heads?  One can only wonder and hope it isn’t catching. Miss New York, Mallory Hagan (according to … Continue reading

Just WHO is in Charge Here: The People or Career Politicians

  Something is mighty wrong!  Just WHO is in charge?  “We the People” or they — the “Career Politicians“? We voted for the elected officials with the once upon a time belief they were going to be representing us.  Instead, we keep finding out there are politicians   that voted on ObamaCare without even knowing what … Continue reading

ACLU Declares ObamaCare to be Constitutional?

  ACLU doesn’t appear to like people of religion much, especially if it be Christian in nature, so it’s not surprising they claim ObamaCare and its HHS mandate constitutional. This opinion though, is coming from a group that cried discrimination, or some such thing, involving (in the Kansas City area) an ordinance they helped write. … Continue reading